Madero Office takes full advantage of the natural environment surrounding it, by means of specific technical resources.
• The building has been designed with two enclosed cores on the sides, leaving an open plan-area between them. As a result, office areas get sunlight all day long and also have the possibility of being divided in half floors.
• The ceilings of the office area are made of suspended and removable sound and fire resistant ceilings. Ceilings have high-performance low-consumption lighting facilities, with a guaranteed minimum of 500 lux in working areas.
• The office area also has raised floor composed of high-structural resistance interchangeable removable slabs with 15 cm. free height under the raised floor which allow the free layout of power, optical fiber, telephone and computer cabling.
• The garage takes up four basement levels and includes over 550 parking spaces; all levels are accessible through a double, one-way ramp.