With a view to minimizing the use of energy, thus helping reduce environmental impact, providing the major comfort and security, Madero Office uses some state-of-the art systems.
Air- Conditioning System: The Air – Conditioning System satisfies the highest comfort standard, through a main system with variable air volume (VAV).
Power System: The generating sets supply the total electric requirements; ensuring a continuous power flow. The electricity for general services is half- voltage and is supplied by shielded bars with individual meters. This system substantially reduces monthly electricity expenses.
Fire Detection and warning: An intelligent detection and audiovisual alarm system is installed. Fire detection devises are distributed over and under the ceilings. The system conforms to NFPA (National fire protection association of USA) regulations.
Fire extinction: The system conforms to NFPA (National fire protection association of USA) regulations. The automatic water sprinklers, fire extinguishers and hoses are placed on all offices floors, entrance hall, basement levels and mezzanines. The building has two pressurized staircases (fire escape).
Intelligent control system: The building has an Intelligent Control System that permits monitoring and operation of the air conditioning and electrical systems, mechanical ventilation, elevators and sanitary installation. It is connected with the fire detection system and with security and communications systems of the building.
Access Control and security: The intelligent access control system works with electronic card readers which are also used to access to other restricted areas. Security is provided by a closed circuit television system (CCTV). Both systems report to the security bunker and they are connected to the intelligent control and fire detection systems.
Technical support floor: The first floor has been especially designed to enable lessees to install their own technical support equipment, such as transformers, racks, etc., thus optimizing the use of their office space.